Sallyanne Heywood
Head of Marketing Communications at HRG

"Peter is a rare breed among professional photographers. Not only does he always deliver amazing results, he actually takes the time to quickly learn your business, anticipate your needs and understand how you want to use the imagery he creates. This means that he is always on time, on budget and creating photography that has great value to the business.  
Peter is also a genius at putting people at their ease. He is engaging, unassuming and quietly confident. His expertise and knowledge abound. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Peter and look forward to every opportunity to work with him"

Jana Sanchez
Founding Director at CitySavvy

"Peter photographed CitySavvy for PR Week and we were very pleased with the results. He was very creative and the end product was great as a result. It was a pleasure to work with Peter."

Carl Mesner Lyons
CMO, consultant, board advisor.

"Peter was hired to take publicity shots of our executive team. He delivered everything he was asked to at great value and with absolute professionalism. Highly recommended."